Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Literature Review

Today, I continued the literature review. The focus is on the experiment design.
The paper Reducing Cognitive Load by Mixing Auditory and Visual Presentation Modes (Mousavi, Low & Sweller, 1995) introduced 6 experiments, which tested the hypotheses in levels.Experiments are designed according to the results from the previous experiments, to test some new hypotheses, so that at last, they could explain the whole thing more thoroughly and clearly. Although, for the honours project, the time may not allow me to do more than one experiment, it is a good idea to apply in the further study.
Another paper, Free-form Pen-Input as Evidence of Cognitive Load and Expertise (Ruiz, Taib & Chen, 2011), explored the use of the scratchpad and the cognitive load. I think the reason for why pen input needs to be researched is quite important for me. It provides background information for my project.

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