Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Today I had a meeting with the supervisor about writing the proposal.

Before the meeting, I went through the evaluation criteria from the School 
http://ee.usyd.edu.au/project/UserFiles/File/Evaluation_of_a_Treatise.pdf and internal supervisor Rafael's requirements. I had some questions about the criteria from the uni -- how to write sampling and data gathering methods... at this stage?

In the meeting, we followed my proposal outline and he clarified what is expected for each section. We also exchanged some basic thoughts about the experiment design, and the scope of my research project. About my questions mentioned above, the suggestion from the supervisor was to make it clear what issues I would consider in the sampling and data gathering, so that it can prove I understand them.

After the meeting, I got a clearer idea and direction for the next two weeks. I planned to finish the draft proposal by next Tuesday.

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